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Campus LEAN benefits

Discover the benefits of Campus LEAN training.

Certified training organization

Our training courses are eligible and recognized under the Law to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

Complete LEAN certifications program

From an introduction to the fundamentals of the LEAN approach to the acquisition of Master Black Belt strategies, our certification programs have all been redesigned to adapt to the ever-changing reality of organizations.

Availability of instructors

Our team of passionate instructors will always be there to answer your questions, even beyond your training program!

Some testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say about Campus LEAN training courses.

“I liked the way the content was delivered. I can see the link to a LEAN culture as you were talking about behaviors and involvement from all levels of the organization. I also saw the link between the “Leading vs Lagging” performance indicators and those for health and safety.”

Joël Nadeau

(Testimonial gathered following the “L’erreur humaine, source inépuisable de solutions” conference.
With Mrs. Marie Laberge)

“A problem-solving training course that recalls the fundamentals in a simple, accessible way. The trainer knows his field very well, brings a lot of his experience which is shared with the participants, great interactions, and also new features like the SCAMPER tool.”

Axel and Lamia

“Great training with very interesting concepts and a trainer who knew how to make them tangible with good examples! What’s more, the support offered by the Campus LEAN team is very generous, both during and even after the training!”

Samuel Bellerive

Featured courses

Discover our featured training courses.

Daily Management System (DMS)

Date: 6 September
Price: 725.00$

Key elements: Indispensable for implementing a daily management system (DMS) in a sector. Essential for understanding the concept of process-based management. Details: Would you like to mobilize your organization at...

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Effective problem-solving techniques

Date: 30 May
Price: 695.00$

Key elements: Indispensable for effectively resolving problems and preventing their recurrence. Essential for better understanding and analyzing all the dimensions of a problem. Details: You don't want your operational or...

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LEAN Six Sigma yellow belt certification

Date: 5 September
Price: 725.00$

Key elements: Indispensable for improving processes by eliminating waste. Essential for discovering and adopting the 5 reflexes of the LEAN manager. Details: As part of the LEAN Yellow Belt training...

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White paper on the importance of measurements in the presence of new organizational challenges

Find out in this FREE white paper why it’s essential for organizations to implement measurement systems in order to be and remain successful.

“We can’t improve what we don’t measure.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, analyzing an organization’s performance goes far beyond annual strategic planning.