About us

Find out who we are and why we’re committed to helping professionals like you develop your expertise and strive for excellence.

Our story

March 2019 saw the official launch of a new academy, Campus LEAN.

This new training organization is distinguished by its mission to develop operational excellence among managers and executives, and to support them in the adoption of world-renowned management practices.

This project was born out of an analysis of the training courses available on the market and a survey of the needs of various organizations. I’ve noticed that the current range of training courses mainly covers optimization practices and methodologies for professionals. What’s more, training courses pay little attention to the needs of managers and executives to support their teams through change.

I believe that sustainable organizational change relies on a team of inspirational leaders who mobilize and develop a high-performance team. So I put together a team of six experts who share my values and passion for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

The Campus LEAN team of trainers offers you over 130 years of experience in a number of fields, including: LEAN agent coaching, organizational agility, operational efficiency and business performance skills development.

To meet the highest training standards, my team and I are committed to continually updating our content to incorporate industry best practices.

Through a varied program of training courses and conferences, you will benefit from the know-how of our experienced trainers in order to :

  • Become a world-class LEAN manager ;
  • Increase the agility of your processes ;
  • Develop your team’s full potential ;
  • Continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Campus LEAN‘s mission is to help you develop your excellence!

Thanks to my team’s market knowledge, training content is tailored to the needs of today’s organizations. You’ll learn practical concepts that you can quickly deploy in your workplace!
Note: The Campus LEAN logo is inspired by knowledge institutions in many ways. The dominance of blue symbolizes professionalism and the discovery of infinite possibilities. The red arrow represents determination to progress towards professional goals. Last but not least, the laurels on the logo testify to our commitment to delivering training courses that will enable Campus LEAN customers to progress towards excellence!

Our values

  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Respect

Our mission

« At Campus LEAN, our mission is to help you develop your excellence! »

Campus LEAN benefits

Discover the benefits of Campus LEAN training.

Certified training organization

Our training courses are eligible and recognized under the Law to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

Complete LEAN certifications program

From an introduction to the fundamentals of the LEAN approach to the acquisition of Master Black Belt strategies, our certification programs have all been redesigned to adapt to the ever-changing reality of organizations.

Availability of instructors

Our team of passionate instructors will always be there to answer your questions, even beyond your training program!